What’s on the Menu at LisMel Publishing in 2019?

Website Development:

An update of our website is the task at hand at the moment.

We’ve just changed our WordPress theme and also added some additional plug-ins and widgets to improve the functionality as well as the aesthetic for our site visitors. Your feedback on your user experience on our updated site is appreciated and most welcome.

As always with all things technical, this remains a work in progress.

The overhaul of the website was overdue given that our primary focus has shifted to creating and publishing content rather than reselling books online. Our previous website was designed to function foremost as an ecommerce store, but this is no longer our primary aim and has enabled us to experiment with a broader range of magazine style WordPress themes more suited to our needs as content creators and distributors.

Website Content:

The site will showcase our in-house publications like Russell’s self-published first novel Eye of the TimeGate as well as providing a platform for our upcoming publications and other projects. Visitors will be able to engage and follow these projects on our blog posts and on The Swamp Podcast we’ve embedded as a live feed on the site.

We’ve also added Disqus onto LisMel Publishing site to facilitate engagement with our audience and provide an improved mechanism for audience comment and feedback.


We plan to upload a series of short stories by Russell over the next few weeks including, The Butterfly Breeze,that was in part a prelude or off-shoot of Eye of the TimeGate. He is currently working on the second book in his TimeGate time travel series, which we plan to publish early next year. TimeGate fans can follow this publishing journey on The Swamp Podcast and the Swampd – New Adventures in Pop Culture website.

I’m also working on a a few writing projects this year including LisMel,an interactive family history project that will also hopefully provide some of the research material I’m collating for my own first novel. The goal is to have LisMel ready for publication as an eBook later this year, as well as a first draft of the novel.

The Swamp Podcast:

Having decided to update and revamp the LisMel Publishing website, it seemed only natural of course to experiment with new a podcasting platform and recording process for The Swamp podcast show at the same time! We’ve moved our podcast hosting across to Spreaker from Soundcloud to take advantage of Spreaker’s integrated recording and marketing distribution channels.

Russell is finishing the post-production editing of the second part of a two part year in review podcast we recently recorded. The episode should go up on Spreaker later next week. We’re also planning to make use of the live recording capacity on Spreaker to again enable more real-time audience engagement.

Again, we would seriously welcome and value any feedback and comment from our audience on the quality of the recordings and ease of download with our Spreaker migration experiment, and of course any feedback and comment on The Swamp’s content and entertainment value is also always appreciated and welcome.

Here’s wishing all our readers, visitors and listeners a very happy and creatively prosperous 2019!




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