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The Complete Grover's Mill Lyrics 2006-2012

If you’ve enjoyed listening to Grover’s Mill The Book Report or watching the music video and want to explore this legendary bands history, lyrics, and back catalog then send us a request for a copy of this publication.

Grover's Mill Book Cover

This publication is generously offered by Will Greaves to our readers as a free eBook.

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    Grover’s Mill -The Book Report

    The Book Report Song Cover Art

    Books are Real … Books are cool.
    Learn to read … That’s the golden rule”

    The Book Report is described by local artist Will Greaves as a “.. quirky and catchy ‘Coolio-lite’ hip hop tune listing and extolling the virtues of books and authors and reading in general.” Will was the founding member of legendary local band Grover’s Mill.

    A collection of Grover’s Mill songs are available for purchase and download on the CDBaby and Bandcamp music publishing platforms.

    I’ve been writing a few songs on the bass lately and this is one of them. It just came up during an improv session, me jamming on bass to a nice little jungle drum-type sample I found on my Future Music disc. Something about the drums reminded me of Tracy Chapman’s Mountains of Things from her first album, and I used that as a starting point for some bass and vocal melody ideas. I imagined someone like Tone Loc or Coolio doing the vocal. I think I came up with the book report idea and the chorus while taking the dog for a walk (always good for getting ideas). I’d had that line about Ursula Le Guin kicking around for a long time and I saw this as my chance to use it. I already knew I would rhyme it with both the Tao Te Ching, and Huckleberry Finn, and that was all I needed to get started. The song was gonna be just a list of some of my favourite books and authors at this point. Since it was kind of a hip hop song I knew there would be a breakdown bit, and the idea of adding that stuff from the film The Time Machine seemed a funny and appropriate thing to do. Obviously, for copyright reasons, I’ve redone that section using a mate to do the voice for Rod Taylor. Hope you enjoy!

    Grover’s Mill -album notes on The Book Report

    The passion in the song and originality of the music video continue to inspire us and have become our anthem. You may also like read more about this song and the Grover’s Mill musical journey in Will’s compilation book, The Complete Grover’s Mill Lyrics 2006-2012.

    We hope The Book Report inspires you to read more and to pursue your creative dreams. Enjoy the video and watch for the call to action at the end of the video.

    Grover’s Mill – The Book Report