Grover’s Mill -The Book Report

Book Report

by Grover’s Mill

A quirky and catchy ‘Coolio-lite’ hip-hop tune listing and extolling the virtues of books and authors and reading in general.
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: West Coast Rap
Release Date: 2016


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Grover's Mill Book Report Cover

Album Notes – by Grover’s Mill:

Brought to you by the Association of Mousy Librarians…Nah, not really! I’ve been writing a few songs on the bass lately and this is one of them. It just came up during an improv session, me jamming on bass to a nice little jungle drum-type sample I found on my Future Music disc. Something about the drums reminded me of Tracy Chapman’s Mountains of Things from her first album, and I used that as a starting point for some bass and vocal melody ideas. I imagined someone like Tone Loc or Coolio doing the vocal. I think I came up with the book report idea and the chorus while taking the dog for a walk (always good for getting ideas). I’d had that line about Ursula Le Guin kicking around for a long time and I saw this as my chance to use it. I already knew I would rhyme it with both the Tao Te Ching, and Huckleberry Finn, and that was all I needed to get started. The song was gonna be just a list of some of my favourite books and authors at this point. Since it was a kind of hip-hop song I knew there would be a breakdown bit, and the idea of adding that stuff from the film The Time Machine seemed a funny and appropriate thing to do. Obviously, for copyright reasons, I’ve redone that section using a mate to do the voice for Rod Taylor. Hope you enjoy!


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