The Complete Grover's Mill Lyrics

The complete grover mill lyrics 2006-2012

This complete edition of Will Greaves lyrics spans his songwriting career with his legendary band, Grover’s Mill.


What’s on the Menu at LisMel Publishing in 2019?

The site will showcase our in-house publications like Russell’s self-published first novel Eye of the TimeGate and providing a platform for our upcoming publications and other projects. Visitors will engage and follow these projects on our blog posts and on The Swamp Podcast we’ve embedded as a live feed on the site.

The Book Report Song Cover Art

Grover’s Mill -The Book Report

The Book Report has become our anthem and we hope yours too…books are cool…books are real. Learn to read …that’s the golden rule.

Eye of The TimeGate Book cover

Eye of the Timegate -eBook on smashwords

In an alternate timeline to ours, large objects called Timegates were found underneath various mountain ranges across the Earth. Thus began a systematic program of time travel exploration carried out by a dedicated and courageous group of academics, scholars, researchers, scientists and soldiers.

Eye of The TimeGate Book cover

Eye of the TimeGate

Eye of the TimeGate is an in-house publication and the epic new science fiction novel from our very own Russell Forden.