LisMel Publishing

LisMel launched in May 2012,  to sell my inherited collection of second-hand books online. Over time, our focus has gradually shifted more into self-publishing projects with locally based indie authors and content creators, and collaborating on various ongoing projects like The Swamp-New Adventures in Pop Culture website and The Swamp podcast.

The Swamp Podcast logo

We continue to occasionally offer a small selective range of second-hand books for sale on our online storefront, but the costs of shipping heavy hardback books to customers around the world are extremely prohibitive in an e-commerce market demanding lowest prices and free shipping as standard consumer fare.

Our decision was that it made more sense to give much of our second-hand stock to local thrift shops that could resell our pre-loved books to raise funds for various projects and community organizations of interest to us that we wanted to support.

Our future direction is to focus on our in-house publishing projects and to support and promote self-publishing authors and content creators.

But what LisMel is about, is the wish to share our passion for good books, good songs and good company as encapsulated by Grover’s Mill in their seminal Book Report music video. The Book Report has become our anthem and we hope yours too …

Books are real … Books are cool.

Learn to read. That’s the Golden rule.