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Maid by Stephanie Land – New Book Release

Maid Book Cover

IndieBound’s February Next List features a new hardcover release Maid by Stephanie Land. A memoir about her experiences in working as a maid to make a living as a sole parent.

Stephanie Land’s Maid is a must-read of the highest order, a memoir of a single mother struggling to survive while performing the household labor that many of us take for granted. While at once deeply personal — you’ll fall hard for Stephanie and her daughter, Mia — it is also essential social commentary about how we treat the myriad domestic laborers who toil in our homes, oftentimes unseen and unappreciated. Read it alongside Nickel and Dimed or Evicted for a stunning, unforgettable look at American poverty and determination

Emilie Sommer, East City Bookshop, Washington, DC

Listen to Stephanie’s an interview on writing this book about her experiences in working as a house maid in this interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air