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Swamp Podcast 46: Tim Rogers, Mortal Engines, Steampunk, Emmylou Harris, Franklin Roosevelt

Trump as Sauron image from The Swamp Podcast

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It’s Russ solo again, delivering an ‘interim’ report about his various new adventures in pop culture. These include a trip up to Melbourne’s Bourke St, wherein Russ encountered Died Pretty legend, Ron Peno, purchased a copy of the classic Emmylou Harris album The Ballad of Sally Rose, and a Steampunk book.

Russ looks forward to the upcoming film of Mortal Engines, based on Philip Reeve’s book, and takes a slightly pessimistic look at the state of today’s politics, drawing coherent parallels with Lord of the Rings. Hmm, Trump as Sauron, the political left as Aragorn and his army storming the Black Gate of Mordor? Definitely! Featured music by Emmylou Harris and Koan.